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Automotive Spare Parts
Electrical sensors & components:
           VAG Automotive can provide a comprehensive range of electrical components for all European vehicles. We indent those hard to find parts from Europe within days.
Engine Tuning Parts:
HT lead sets.
DFI Coils
Injectors for all Petrol and Diesel injection systems.
Engine Sensors:
NOX sensors.
Air-mass sensors.
EGR sensors.
Crank sensors
Engine Ancillaries:
Starter motors.
A/C pumps.
Turbochargers & Superchargers.
             (We can supply used if required and available.)
Speed sensors.
Mechatronic units.
Valve bodies.
VAG Automotive Ltd,
Office:       46B Kitchener Street,
                 Auckland,2123, NZ.
Phone 0064 9 2813410