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DSG Transmission Services
     VAG Automotive supply all the parts, tooling and programming you will require to overhaul and service DSG gearboxes for all European makes.

Mechatronic Unit's Calibration and Programming.
Calibrating and Programming 6 speed DQ250 & 7 speed DQ200 gearboxes onsite or pre-programmed with the latest upgraded software on all our mechatronic units. All complete Mechatronic units are exchange.

Clutches & flywheel's:
6 speed wet clutch kits.
7 speed dry clutch kits.
Comprehensive range of DMF flywheels.

Complete gearbox assemblies:
Complete 6 & 7 speed gearboxes with or without mechatronic units. All units are exchange basis.

Gearbox Parts:

Comprehensive range of internal gearbox components and OEM oils for overhauling and servicing DSG units.
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